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· Breakout 1: Patient Care Services "LIVE" Huddle Experience (for onsite participants only): Engage with UC-Davis leadership and front-line staff to observe RBC connection, teamwork, communication, and problem-solving in real time through the daily Huddle. This is a huddle you've never seen or experienced before. It's a unique opportunity to see the principles of RBC in practice and action. Special Note: Participants in the huddle must sign a waiver and be prepared to walk and walk fast! No heels please. Toby Marsh is a fast walker, mover and shaker! You will walk side by side with leaders during this experience. Probably use the elevator, but don't rule out the stairs. It's a quick, fast-paced, active 90 minutes! Join us and hang on, that's how we roll at UC-Davis! Limit of 45 participants.

· Breakout 2: Caring for Colleagues in Real Time: Explore the Support U Peer Responder Program (open for both onsite and virtual participants): This dynamic and interactive discussion will include UCD "Support U" Peer Responder Program lead Michelle Linenberger, Peer Responders, and others. These leaders will describe the Support U program and how RBC principles are woven throughout and support the lived RBC experience at UC-Davis. This is an exemplary program that cares for colleagues in real-time in partnership with the other systems in place for sentinel events and employee wellbeing.

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